The open source, production grade, end-to-end vision AI platform with fully integrated modules for model building, automated labeling, data processing, model training and hyperparameter tuning.

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Image and video annotation with automatic pre-annotation

Annotate images and video using CVAT, with object tracking and semi-automatic annotation of bounding boxes and polygon masks.

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Build your models with GPU optimized frameworks and IDEs

Seamlessly switch environments between CPU and GPU machines, preloaded with PyTorch, TensorFlow, JupyterLab, VSCode and more.

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Create pipelines as code for model training and data processing

Build reproducible training and data processing pipelines that can perform parallel or distributed tasks on multiple machines.

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Track experiments and visualize model metrics

Track and visualize model metrics and experiments with TensorBoard or bring your own experiment tracking tools.

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Bring your own tools as reproducible templates

Easily bring your own specialized cloud-native tools for development, annotation, pipelines and more.

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Integrate with existing systems using APIs and SDKs

Extend Onepanel with our powerful REST APIs and SDKs to further automate your pipelines and environments.