The open and extensible integrated development environment (IDE) for computer vision

Runs on aws, azure, gcp, kubernetes
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  • Computer Vision Annotation Tool

    Fully integrated image and video annotation
  • Automatic annotation

    Automatic annotation for semantic segmentation and object detection
  • Data augmentation and processing

    Extensible data pre-processing pipelines

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  • JupyterLab and VS Code Workspaces

    Elastic JupyterLab and VS Code with TensorFlow, PyTorch and GPU support
  • Built-in algorithms

    Built-in algorithms for object detection and semantic segmentation
  • Bring your own algorithms and tools

    Flexible template and plugin system to bring your own algorithms or tools

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Train and Tune

  • Training pipelines

    Automatic infrastructure management and reproducibility
  • Hyperparameter tuning

    Hyperparameter tuning with support for multiple algorithms and GPUs
  • Built-in visualization tools

    Training and tuning visualizations with TensorBoard, NNI Web UI and more

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Deploy and Manage

  • Workflow orchestration

    Orchestrate and schedule distributed and parallel workflows
  • Single or ensemble inference

    Single or ensemble inference Workflows exposed as APIs
  • Python SDK and APIs

    Programmatically perform any action using Python SDK or APIs

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