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Adding components

Before adding components, we recommend you back up your params.yaml file.


It is highly recommended that you commit params.yaml file into a private repository and encrypt it with BlackBox or use a secret management service like Azure Key Vault, AWS Secret Manager, GCP Secret Manager or HashiCorp Vault.

Adding components

To add additional components to Onepanel:

  1. Run opctl init with additional flags.


    You can find the opctl command you initially ran at the top of your params.yaml file.

    For example if you initially ran:

    opctl init --provider gke \
    --artifact-repository-provider s3

    You can enable TLS and cert-manager by running:

    opctl init --provider gke \
    --artifact-repository-provider s3 \
    --enable-https \
    --enabl-cert-manager \
    --dns-provider clouddns
  2. Review your params.yaml file and complete the new fields accordingly.


    See configuration files for additional information.

  3. Apply your changes:

    opctl apply

    If the application is not loading after these updates, visit our Troubleshooting page for some steps that can help resolve most issues. If you are still having issues, reach out in Slack or GitHub discussions.