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This document outlines steps to troubleshoot issues that may arise after initial deployment of Onepanel.

General troubleshooting steps

Once you have setup DNS accordingly but the site isn't showing up or you can't login, double check that you have set up DNS correctly:

opctl app status

The command above will return a result similar to the following:

Your deployment is ready.
In your DNS, add an A record for * and point it to ''
Once complete, your application will be running at

Depending on your provider, the opctl app status may prompt you to set up a CNAME record.

If you see "Your deployment is ready", double check that your DNS record is correct, then ping the domain in the URL above to confirm it is ready:

$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

If you see "Not all required pods are running. Your deployment is not ready.", run the following command:

kubectl get pods -A

For Pending pods, check the Age, if it has been less than 5 minutes, wait and check again.

If the pods are showing Error or have been in Pending state for more than 5 minutes, check the pod in more details by running kubectl describe for more details. You can also check the pod log by running kubectl logs.

In most cases, pods stuck in Pending state could mean that you need to add another node to your cluster.

Troubleshooting deployments with cert-manager

Onepanel uses cert-manager to automatically manages TLS certificates when you install Onepanel with the following flags:

opctl init ... --enable-cert-manager --dns-provider <provider>

All cert-manager resources in Onepanel are installed in the istio-system namespace.

If you have enabled cert-manager and your application after following General troubleshooting steps, then you're most likely running into certificate issues.

You can troubleshoot these issues by following the steps in Troubleshooting Issuing ACME Certificates. Make sure to run all the commands in the istio-system namespace. For example to get the certificate that Onepanel uses:

kubectl describe certificate cert-manager-wildcard-certificate -n istio-system

Still having issues?

Reach out in Slack or GitHub discussions.