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Environment variables

Environment variables are unique to each namespace and will be automatically added to any running Workspace or Workflow Task.

The following system environment variables are always automatically added to both Workspaces and Workflow containers:

  • ONEPANEL_API_URL Platform API URL that can be used to make SDK or API calls from any container.
  • ONEPANEL_FQDN Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) where platform UI and API is installed. Example:
  • ONEPANEL_DOMAIN Domain name where the platform is installed. Example:
  • ONEPANEL_RESOURCE_NAMESPACE The namespace where the resource is running.
  • ONEPANEL_RESOURCE_UID The unique ID of the resource in namespace.

You can add your own environment variables by navigating to the Settings menu and clicking Add environment variable.


These environment variables are also available in onepanel-default-env secret in the current namespace if you need to access them in other resources, for example for private Git repositories.