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Customizing CVAT Workspace Template

You can update the default CVAT template and adjust the following environment variables to change where CVAT data is stored.

  • CVAT_KEYS_DIR - Where the SSH keys will be installed
  • CVAT_STATIC_DIR - Where the CSS, JS, Images are stored.
  • CVAT_DATA_DIR - Where the tasks and annotations are stored
  • CVAT_MEDIA_DATA_DIR - Where the task images and uploads are stored
  • CVAT_SHARE_DIR - Where the file-syncer downloads and syncs files
  • CVAT_MODELS_DIR - Where the models used for annotations are stored
  • CVAT_LOGS_DIR - Where some of CVAT logs are stored
  • CVAT_MIGRATIONS_DIR - Where CVAT migrations are stored
  • CVAT_DATUMARO_DIR - Where datumaro is stored