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Python SDK

Onepanel's Python SDK can be used to programmatically perform any task that is available through the web UI.

Additionally, you can use the Python SDK to define and execute Workflows in Python instead of YAML.



The Python SDK is already installed in all the Workspace and Workflow templates that are available in Onepanel out of the box.

The Python SDK can be installed via PyPi as follows:

pip install onepanel-sdk


See Getting started in the Python SDK repository for sample code and API reference.

Defining Workflows in Python

The Python SDK is integrated with Couler making it possible to define Workflows in Python instead of YAML.

For a complete example of defining a Workflow with data augmentation and training tasks, see this notebook.

Sample JupyterLab notebooks

Here are some example notebooks that you can run from a JupyterLab Workspace in Onepanel: