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Sync Files from Object Storage to Workspace

  1. From your workspace click the onepanel icon located on the lower right of the screen.

  2. The bottom panel should appear and you should be able to see Sync Files section sync files

  3. In Workspace path type a directory name you want the synced files to be saved into. workspace path example

  4. Then, in Object storage location select Browse object storage location

  5. Select the directory you want your workspace to sync into and click Confirm browse files

  6. Once complete click Sync to workspace

Sync Files from Workspace to Object Storage

  1. Under workspace path select Browse

    workspace path

  2. This will open a window of all folders available in the workspace. browse files from workspace

  3. select the folder you want to sync into your object storage and click Confirm workspace path to object storage

  4. Once complete click Sync to Object Storage

Custom Configuration

You can add another filesyncer container to templates that checks files at a certain interval in a path and uploads them to an object storage prefix.


- name: sys-filesyncer-upload
image: onepanel/filesyncer:v0.20.0
imagePullPolicy: Always
- upload
- -path=/share/<path> # path in /share
- -prefix=<prefix> # prefix in object storage
- -host=localhost:9000
- -interval=10 # interval in seconds
- name: share
mountPath: /share
- name: sys-namespace-config
mountPath: /etc/onepanel
readOnly: true